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Infinity Marketplace

Our Lending Protocols

Collateral Lending
Our marketplace allows users to borrow NFTs by providing collateral. The borrower pays a fee and collateral and temporarily transfers ownership of the NFT to themselves. If the NFT is not returned, the Collateral is given to the lender, and the borrower keeps the NFT.
  • No auto liquidations
  • Receive offers & accept the best ones
Wrapped Lending
Our marketplace allows users to borrow NFTs without collateral, the lender sets the fee they wish to receive and the borrower sets the duration they need. Borrower receives a wNFT that behaves like the original NFT. After a fixed period of time, if no extension request is made, the NFT is destroyed.
  • No collateral required
  • Lending period extension
  • Automatic expiration
  • Renting on demand
  • Save time and gas fees
Long-Term Lease
Our marketplace allows NFT purchases with 1 down payment and monthly installments. Sellers set the down payment percentage and number of months for the terms, buyers can review and agree to the terms, and both parties are matched for the loan term. Similar to buying a car, you pay a down payment, monthly installments and get to use the NFT.
  • Longer installments period up to 24 months
  • Down payment as low as 10%
  • Bite sized repayments
Our Lending Protocols

Easy and Fast Integration with

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Game integration with our API
  • No need for game studios to code
  • Connect our API only
  • Manage your own marketplace

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