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Build your guild.
Play-and-earn in the Metaverse.

A platform that connects gamers to guilds and guilds to games.

Product & Services

For Gamers

Join a team for a game you
love to play-and-earn for free.
Apply and onboard onto a
guild seamlessly. 

For Guilds

Create your own team of top-tier players, purchase and lend NFTs, monitor performance, and share
your earnings automatically.

For Games

List on our platform. Integrate our
SDK. Grow your player base. Connect to the gamers and guilds who love to
play-and-earn your game 


The native token for Infinity Force, $INFF, provides utility and value for everyone who holds it.


Token Allocation

Circulating Token Supply

Vesting Schedule

Use of Proceeds

Investors & Partners

Investors & Partners

Game and Guild Partners

Game and Guild Partners

Join Our Community

Infinity Force is building the world’s best play-and-earn management system providing opportunities for communities everywhere.


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