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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Infinity Force is play-and-earn guild management system that guides users to develop their own guild through its integrated platform. As play-and-earn games continue to gain traction and global mass adoption, Infinity Force supplies the infrastructure to support the ecosystem. Our product provides end-to-end software as a service encompassing player recruitment and onboarding, training and development, as well as performance management automation, payments processing, and data analytics.

Play-to-Earn games reward managers and gamers with cryptocurrencies by simply playing games on the blockchain. Axie Infinity is one of the most popular play-to-earn games available, with many more titles like Embersword being released in 2022.

Axie Infinity is the only game currently supported on our platform. However, we are working closely with several Game Studios to onboard their games in 2022.

We are currently updating our platform features which will be ready in January 2022. Contact us by submitting an inquiry form, and one of our team will assist with more information!

What is a Manager?​

A Guild Manager can be anyone interested in creating their own play-to-earn guild. You first select as many players as you like (known as scholars) to be part of your guild and then purchase NFT assets used within play-to-earn games. Next, you can configure how much of your guilds earnings you would like to share with your scholars.

Contact us using the inquiry form in our registration portal. Then input how many players you would like to be in your guild, and an InfinityForce team member will respond with instructions on how to get started in a few simple steps.

A Manager’s primary responsibility is to monitor and track your guild’s performance. You can set triggers, alerts, and reminders for scholars and interact within the Infinity Force platform.

Infinity Force provides Managers the opportunity to lead their very own guild. Decide how much of your earnings you want to share with your scholars and have access to a single platform that provides ongoing training for your players to be the best in the metaverse.

Becoming a Scholar

Being a Scholar means you have been selected and sponsored by a Manager to access the play-and-earn games supported by Infinity Force. All Scholars receive a share of all earnings from the play-and-earn games they play.

Join our Discord and apply for a scholarship. Your application will be reviewed by a Community Manager before a scholarship is granted.

Receive a share of all earnings you make as a Scholar. Gain access to the Infinity Force Academy full of training resources, mentors, coaches, tutorials, and videos across multiple play-to-earn games

There are no specific requirements apart from being passionate about play-to-earn games and being determined to be a best-in-class player to maximize your earning potential.